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Flying Lessons North Lincs

Realise those childhood aerial ambitions with these flying lessons from Humberside Airport! With a thriving cargo charter and General Aviation client base Humberside’s airport near Grimsby is a fun and bustling venue for these flying lessons that are offered in modern light aircraft. This long-running club has a faithful set of members and with a full time Chief Flying Instructor  backed up by a team of highly qualified and experienced pilot instructors it is little wonder many have gained their wings with lessons here at Humberside and gone on to fly commercial airlines at airports all over the world.  If you’ve never flown a small plane before it is difficult to imagine what it’ll be like and you may even feel a little nervous. This is all completely normal and your pilot will conduct a full pre-flight briefing to put you at ease. As the session unfolds everything will be commentated and explained to you so once in the cockpit and ready it’s the ‘run up’ checks of the ailerons tail and the rudder. Then it’s time to line up the nose of the aircraft with the centre line of the long tarmac runway here at Humberside Airport and your lesson in the art of flying will begin proper! Smoothly pushing the throttle all the way in holding the nose steady until reaching near take off speed your pilot will start to pull the steering yoke back and then there’s that magical moment when you feel aircraft’s nose lift off the ground and before you know it you are being eased into the air. Once the plane is levelled off (and you’ve caught your breath!) there’s no time for the gawping out of the window at the Humberside countryside around the airport this is a real flying lesson! So having witnessed a slick take-off it’s over to you. Now you would think a move like a gentle descent would be easy but you’ll soon find out it requires you to lower the power and decrease the pitch. If you’re feeling confident enough to try a climbing turn you’ll soon learn the mantra ‘more right rudder in right turns’ and ‘less left rudder in left turns’. You’ll be learning all these moves and maybe more during your session but there’s no chance of messing up as the plane is dual controlled. Planes used on these Humberside Airport flying lessons range from the two seat high wing Cessna 150 (with long range fuel tanks for an amazing seven hours of autonomy!) to the low winged Piper PA28 which boasts four seats and full instruments and avionics. And don’t just take our word for it when it comes to how good these flying lessons at Humberside Airport are – one very happy novice pilot described his taster lesson instructor as a ‘flying ace’ who was full of entertaining anecdotes from his ‘very colourful career in aviation’! 

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