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Flying Lessons North Wales

Flying lessons in North Wales out of Caernarfon Airport at Dinas Dinlle. If you’re looking for somewhere rather special to learn to fly in the north of Wales this lovely little spot is hard to beat. We’re offering 30 and 60-minute trial flying lessons for you to get a taste of pilot life!You will be taking off from Caernarfon Airport in Gwynedd. Formerly RAF Llanwrog this General Aviation airport is modern well-equipped and well-managed. It’s home to the Welsh Air Ambulance service the HMS Coastguard rescue service and various other aviation companies including this flight academy.With a fleet of light aircraft including Pipers Cessnas and Robins a roster of expert pilot instructors ready to take to the skies above Caernarfon and the wonderful setting here there’s no better place in Gwynedd for a trial flying lesson. One end of the runway is right above the shoreline of the Irish Sea and the other boasts the Snowdonian mountains as the backdrop.Once you’re in the air the panoramic views across North Wales are even more spectacular. But remember this is a trial flying lesson so you’re not just here to gawp at the amazing aerial views – you’re here to actually fly the plane if you fancy it!Sitting side-by-side in the cockpit of the four seater aircraft with your instructor you’re well-placed to observe. Once you’re flying straight and level it’s over to you. When you’ve €˜got control’ it is you who will be piloting the light aircraft hundreds of feet above the ground. Pretty thrilling stuff especially if it’s your first time in a plane like this.And what’s more once you’re back on terra firma Caernarfon Airport welcomes visitors to its cafe and shop where you’ll find a lovely outdoor seating area – perfect for friends and family who want to watch your first foray into flying. There’s even an Aviation Museum on site too that’s normally open every day. Perfect for making a full day out of your flying lesson in this lovely part of North Wales.

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