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Flying Lessons Northumberland

Flying lessons over Northumbria in a lightweight sports plane! It’s destination Morpeth for this range of trial flights in an closed cockpit ultralight aircraft. Flying out of Eshott Airfield you’re in the heart of the Northumbrian coast and countryside within minutes of take off so your lesson will combine lovely views with top-notch aviation training.Eshott Airfield is located just off the A1 in a prime location for visitors and providing excellent aerial access to the beautiful rugged countryside of the North East. Once a busy wartime air training facility the aerodrome is much more relaxed nowadays. The aerodrome still reaps the benefits of the tarmac runways that were originally built and with hangarage having been extended the venue has planning permission to welcome up to 70 microlight/light sport aircraft and is fully BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association) registered.The aircraft you’ll be flying in is the Czech designed and built Evektor EuroStar EV97 or the Ikarus C42. The simple design using high tech materials means both planes are super light putting it in the microlight category of aircraft yet it looks like any other trainer aircraft. The advantage of a closed cockpit and practical side-by-side seating makes them ideal trainer aeroplanes at this Northumbria flying school. Lessons are offered year-round subject to weather conditions and there are several full time members of the teaching team.And what a highly qualified bunch they are! Comprising ex army majors architects merchant navy captains and engineers every single member of this Northumbrian flying crew is very passionate – and that immediately comes over during their lessons. They love nothing more than to offer a newbie like you the chance to fall in love with sports flying just like they did.It’s easy to see why the EuroStar captivates the hearts of many an aviator. There might be a plethora of bigger and more powerful planes out there but this one has a definite charm – and cruising over this beautiful part of the country makes the experience even more special. We’re offering the full range of flying lessons above Northumbria including a land away adventure and even a thrilling formation flight where two of you take off at the same time in two planes – make sure you take your camera to capture each other waving!

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