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Flying Lessons Peterborough

Set your flight path to go straight to this Peterborough flying school if you’ve ever fancied learning to fly in the East of England! These flying lessons all take off from Sibson Airport a small and friendly aerodrome just west of Peterborough that’s ready to welcome you to the world of General Aviation. It might seem as though this airfield tucked in amongst agricultural land and farms is a sleepy little old aerodrome but far from it. This Peterborough flying school is actually a fully CAA approved training organisation – which means you will be getting top-notch tuition in how to fly planes – and not only do they run this flying school they also manage and run the aerodrome too. As for the aircraft used for these lessons at Sibson it’s the classic Cessna 152 for the two seater flights and the Piper PA28 for the four seater experiences. Both well-known aircraft are rugged stable and forgiving in the air making them ideal training aeroplanes. And although you may just be having one trial lesson here in Peterborough if you like the lesson content and procedure for the experience can be exactly the same as if you were learning to fly to get your pilot’s licence so you get a real flavour of what all this ‘freedom of flight’ you hear aviator’s keenly discussing is all about – and we’re sure that in just 30 or 60 minutes you’ll be hooked on flying too! For some going flying out of Sibson might purely be about making the first step towards enrolling for real at this Peterborough flying school. However for others it might be the chance to do something a bit ‘daredevil’ whilst some simply want to do it for the incredible views – and as you follow the River Nene that loops around the top of the airport or fly over locos on the Nene Valley Railway you can totally see why getting the bird’s eye view of this corner of Peterborough is so special. So get ready to make your final approach into runway 06 at Sibson Airfield and as you drop smoothly and gently down onto the 935m-long grass strip you’ll be feeling exhilarated pleased with yourself and probably sorely tempted to carry on this piloting lark. All that remains for you to do is accept your First Flight Certificate and the day you flew at Peterborough flying school is complete!

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