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Flying Lessons Redhill

Flying lessons Redhill – with our full range of introductory packages you’ll be hard pushed to find a wider choice anywhere else in the county! Redhill Aerodrome offers the standard 30 and 60 minute flying lessons a 30 minute experience with a dash of aerobatics thrown in a ‘land away’ deal and a pilot starter pack with two lessons included. All you have to do is choose which flying lesson from this Redhill-based club suits you best. It’s true to say aviation fanatics at Redhill Aerodrome are spoilt for choice when it comes to these flying lessons and we particularly like the more unusual experiences offered. For starters the 30 minutes of flying ‘with a spin’ gives you a normal introductory lesson here in Redhill with a chance to take the controls as usual. But it also offers a cheeky little grand finale whereby you’ll go literally into a spin as your expert flying instructor climbs to sufficient height before making the plane tumble and then recovering the aircraft to level flight – now that’s what we call an exhilarating way to end a lesson! For those really keen aeroplane fans our twin pack of 45 minute lessons could be just the flying gift you’re looking for in Redhill. You can combine the two lessons to spend a half day at the flying school so you will be getting some intense training or you can book two separate lessons on different dates to spread out the flying sensations. Then there’s the Landaway Double lesson which sees you flying off from Redhill Aerodrome to another local airport as part of your lesson land and then take off again to return to base. This all means you get two take offs and two landings which we think are for novice flyers the most thrilling aspects of flying in a light aircraft. An extra bonus with these lessons is that you can invite someone along as a passenger and you can even swap seats for the return journey so you both get to ride at the ‘sharp end’! If you’ve always fancied getting airborne in a light aircraft browse our range of flying lessons at Redhill and we’re sure you’ll find the right trial flight for you. Choosing Redhill Aerodrome for flying lessons ensures you’ll be well looked after by the team here with excellent training and a fleet of highly-maintained light aircraft. What’s more all introductory flying lesson packages from Redhill include landing fees instruction and membership to the flying club for the duration of your lesson or lessons. Even more amazing flying lessons are available on our main flying section.  

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