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Flying Lessons Snowdonia

Want amazing aerial views on your flying lesson? Then Snowdonia is the place to go! This friendly flying school is based at Llanbedr Airfield perched on the edge of the stunning Welsh coastline near Harlech. It’s a great place to learn to fly.We are offering 30 and 60-minute trial lessons out of Llanbedr. Flights are operated in a rather lovely Robin DR400/180 aircraft. These are four-seater sport planes characterised by their distinctive low-wing shape standing out from the usual high-wing Cessna aircraft often used for flight training. It also makes them very stable in the air and easy to fly too. Pure joy over those Snowdonian peaks!What’s more being four seater aircraft you can invite up to two guests to join you onboard your lesson subject to pilot approval. That means your flight can be a real family affair which makes the whole experience all the more special when you get to share those views.And what you get to see from the air as you fly in your Robin over Snowdonia on your lesson is truly spectacular. This is a very picturesque corner of Wales and it really is best seen from the air. Snowdonia Wales’s highest mountain might have a dusting of snow even in the warmer months which looks incredible from the air.You’re also right next to the coast at Llanbedr Airfield and as soon as you take off you’ll be treated to clifftop vistas towards the Llyn Peninsula with the white-topped waves lapping on golden sandy beaches. We think being surrounded by both beaches and mountains is pretty unique and a truly breathtaking backdrop for your lesson.Taking you out on this aerial adventure will be chief instructors Stephen Richard or one of their dedicated team of pilots. During your flight you will have the chance to €˜take the controls’ to fly the plane. Last but by no means least there’s the Jindivik Cafe to visit once you land. Based in the control tower of this former RAF airfield the cafe offers a top spotting point from the upstairs terrace a nice brew and tasty cooked breakfasts the staple of any flying school!We reckon these flying lessons in the wonderful Snowdonia region of Wales are a superb choice for budding flyers. A great plane space for your nearest and dearest brilliant views and top tuition too.

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