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Flying Lessons South Lincs

Chocks away for in-flight fun from Fenland Airfield! This flying school is owner operator of this airfield boasting four grass runways in the heart of the Lincolnshire fens just a few miles from Spalding and Holbeach. What we love about this Fenlands flying school is that it provides a friendly and relaxed place that welcomes pilots would-be pilots and plane spotters alike. There’s always lots going on with modern and vintage aircraft taking to the air. What’s more we’re in unrestricted air space here so you really do have the freedom of the skies round these parts. This discrete little aerodrome at Holbeach St Johns hosts a fine fleet of club planes including the two seater Cessna 152 and the four seater 172 version. For the 30 and 45 minute trial lessons both will be at your disposal and which plane you take off in depends on weight and whether you invite (for an additional fee payable locally) any observers to join you in the cockpit to see from close quarters what this flying lark is all about. If you sign up for the land away experience it’s a voucher for two people so one of you gets to sit up front for the outward leg flying from Fenland then after landing at a nearby airfield you then swap seats for the return sector back to base. That means you double up on the take off and landing manoeuvres and flight time making it excellent value for money for any plane-mad duo. As you might guess being in the fens it’s pretty flat so once you’re airborne you can see for miles. And miles€¦and miles. In-land there’s Lincoln itself whilst a easterly bearing from Fenland soon brings you to the Wash nature reserve with the Norfolk coastline on the horizon too. Indeed it’s all very lovely as you look out the window but you are here to learn how to fly one of these marvellous machines so once take off is out of the way the pilot will be handing the controls over to you and you’ll be practising the fine art of gently turning climbing and descending the Cessna. With your expert pilot handling the landing you’ll soon be taxiing back past the neat little ATC tower and back to base. After a debrief it might well be time to sample the legendary Fenlands fry up in the on-site clubhouse cafe to celebrate the first time you flew yourself over Fenland Airfield in a light aircraft!

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