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Flying Lessons Stapleford

Set the coordinates for Stapleford Airfield – you’re going on a flying lesson! This family-owned and run flight training centre is one of the largest in the Home Counties and with the aerodrome placed just inside the M25 not far from Romford it has to be one of the most conveniently located too. And because of where this airfield is the flying lessons are sure to be entertaining. That’s because you are in busy airspace so there will be lots of radio calls and plenty of other aircraft within proximity meaning you’ll have to keep your eyes and ears peeled when you fly out of Stapleford. And when you’re in the air on your lesson there’s loads to take in too from the busy motorways with long lines of snaking traffic (how nice to be flying over them and to not to be stuck in them for once!) to the bustling towns and even a view of capital on the horizon on clear flying days. Stapleford itself has a fascinating history. The Aerodrome opened in the 1930s during the pre-war birth of commercial flying a company called Hillman Aviation flew to European cities and a certain Amy Johnson was one of the pilots. After being requisitioned buy the RAF during WW2 the airfield eventually came back to general aviation use. It’s now home to well over 40 aircraft and rumour has it a certain businessman and aviator who likes to tell people they’re fired has a plane hangared here€¦ We are offering a cluster of packages out of Stapleford that’s sure to tempt any budding pilot. You can go classic with a 30 or 60 minute trial flying lesson in a two seater training plane like the Cessna 152 of the Tecnam P2008JC or you can truly have your aerial cake and eat it by doing a 20 minute aerobatics flight in a funky yellow Firefly and a classic lesson! Whichever voucher you choose from the moment you book your flight and head down to Stapleford Airfield for your lesson you’ll be made to feel welcome by this professional and enthusiastic team. There are also great facilities including extensive pilot training classrooms a clubhouse and a fabulous outdoor viewing area so friends and family can watch you taxi to take off . You might even do circuits over the QE II bridge or (subject to Air Traffic Control clearance) fly over your house if you’re in or around the Romford area.

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