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Flying Lessons Surrey

Their motto is ‘Learn to fly with the friendly experts’ and that’s what makes flying lessons in Surrey just that little bit memorable – a great team great fun and you’ll be getting airborne over the Surrey skies with top notch tuition and plenty of ‘hands on time’ included too. What we like most about this Surrey-based flying school is the comprehensive range of lessons offered. There really is something for everyone whether it’s the very first time you will step aboard a light aircraft or you’ve already had a trial flight before we can find something that’ll make you smile and love your time in the air. The standard flying lessons from this Surrey club are ideal as an introduction to the world of General Aviation. The planes for these experiences are usually the club-owned Cessna 152s well-known for being agile robust and easy to fly (even if to you it all seems far too complicated at first glance!). If you’re feeling a little adventurous we can heartily recommend the ‘in a spin’ extra that’ll see you experiencing what it’s like to get inverted in the air! If you love the thrill of take offs and landings our Landaway lesson gives you the chance to double up on the flying in Surrey. Flying out of Blackbushe (which has a tarmac runway) you could be flying into another local Surrey airfield with a grass runway which is great as you can experience both types of landing. This is a popular choice for those with an interest in aviation as a hobby. For those serious about learning to fly we have the double lesson pack here in Surrey. The flights are still great fun but given the extended air time you will be able to delve further into the workings of the plane and find out more about what it takes to become a pilot. You can do the lessons back to back or book in for two separate dates to spread your flying time – it’s totally up to you. And for those of you who don’t know Blackbushe Airport in Surrey it has a very rich history from playing a huge part in WW2 as RAF Hartford Bridge (that saw the main A30 being closed as it crossed the southern perimeter of the runway – can you imagine the chaos that’d cause today!) to welcoming the first commercial jet airliners in the 1950s. Nowadays Blackbushe is a small and friendly executive and private aviation airport with good facilities and an excellent weather record making it the perfect choice for flying lessons in Surrey.

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