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Flying Lessons Warwickshire

With these light aircraft discovery flights in Warwickshire you’ll soon find out if you’ve got a natural aptitude for flying thanks to expert tuition from your professional instructor. The excellent team at this flying school just 10 minutes from Stratford upon Avon headed up by the flying principal Rodney Galiffe will give you a warm welcome and top class training. Flights are available in both two seater and four seater modern training aircraft and the Wellesbourne Mountford aerodrome is ideally suited for learning to fly as there is no commercial traffic no smog and just open flat countryside to fly over – perfect for practicing your aerial manoeuvres in uncongested skies. Once greeted by your flying instructor you’ll get comfortable in your harness before being shown the cockpit instruments and primary flying controls. No queuing on the runway for take off behind other air traffic so you’ll be maximising your time in the air. Soon after take off you’ll be able to take control of the plane yourself as well as having time to take in the scenery of the Warwickshire countryside below you before heading back to the aerodrome for a post-flight debrief and presentation of your certificate of achievement. Check out our main flying section for more exciting flying lessons from IntotheBlue.

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