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Flying Lessons Wiltshire

Fabulous flying lessons out of Clench Common! Get airborne over the North Wessex Downs in a light sport aircraft. This lovely little airfield not far from Marlborough is a great place to take flying lessons with views over the Wiltshire countryside and a modern fleet of trainer aircraft – that are actually microlights!These latest fully-enclosed super light aircraft boast all the advantages of microlights without any of the disadvantages. The Ikarus C42 is easy to maintain reliable and comfortable with operating costs that make learning to fly in one of these (as opposed to a regular light aircraft) really accessible. And of course unlike their open-cockpit cousins there’s no battling with the wind and the cabins have the luxury of heating so lessons can take place all year at Clench Common.And this team is well versed in all the latest light sporting aircraft technology. As well as lessons and pilot training service maintenance hangarage and aircraft and parts sales also come under their remit here at Clench Common. All this makes for a bustling place so don’t be surprised if you see quite a few different aircraft parked up on the day of your lesson – an extra bonus for aviation fans.As an airfield Clench Common is actually quite a challenging one for pilots with the ridges of the North Wessex Downs often creating some tricky thermals. Luckily the C42 has forgiving handling so even total beginners should be able to hone those smooth €˜straight and level’ flying skills from the very first lesson.Interestingly the airfield was originally part of the easterly area of RAF Overton Heath. Built as a training base (with those ridge thermals no doubt testing those young inexperienced RAF pilots!) it finally closed in 1948 and the land went back to farming until it became Clench Common airfield.We must mention the teaching at this airfield is excellent too. Owner and Chief Flying Instructor/Examiner Graham has been in the business of flight training and lessons since 1991 so you’re in very wise hands. Isn’t it time you got yourself booked in for a flying lesson out of Clench Common?

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