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Flying School Taster

Get a head for heights with these fun tasters at a flight school near you with these best value nationwide deals! If you’re looking for a short but sweet taster lesson in aeronautics then we’ve got a flying school to suit you that offers a 15 to 20 minute blast that will delight anyone who has never flown in a private plane before. Each session starts with a safety briefing and your instructor will demonstrate the controls. Every flying school we use is CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved so you can be guaranteed the best quality tuition no matter where your flight path takes you. The instructor will also remain with you for the duration of your flying time navigating the tricky take-off and landing sections as well as giving you guidance and advice during your time as captain. All lessons take place in a two-seater light aircraft. The aircraft you’ll use during your flight varies depending on the school you attend but the sort of the planes you might end up sitting in are a Cessna 152 or a Piper both of which are ideally suited to educational and flight training courses and are used at schools throughout the world whilst at Oxfordshire it is actually a powered glider you’ll be using. As you’ll be sitting up front with one of the school’s instructor pilots you really get a feel for what flying is all about. You’ll also get the chance for some high-altitude sightseeing at the start and end of the flight where the instructor will take charge but once you’re at cruising altitude then it’s your turn to take the controls and albeit briefly become a real pilot! Each school offers an individual flying experience so you could take wing over an iconic landmark an area of beautiful countryside or even potentially negotiate a flight over your house but one things for sure each school will tailor the flight to the pupil. Some schools also present you with a certificate to recognise your aerial achievement at the end of your flying experience. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an airborne adventurer then some quality time at a friendly flight school is the experience for you. Alternatively if you think you’d like more airtime than a taster lesson provides we’ve got a whole range of other flying lessons on offer with flying schools around the UK.

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