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Ford GT40 Driving

Get into the endurance motor racing spirit of things when you drive a GT40! This wonderful car is a faithful replica of the Ford GT40 with chassis number 1075 that won the 1968 and 1969 Le Mans 24 hour race and looks simply stunning in that Gulf powder blue and burnt orange livery. This GT40 is the living image of that car from the 60s and has been built in the true spirit of this iconic car right down to the chassis and the engine so this GT40 drives just like the real thing but doesn’t cost several million pounds. So this really is the nearest thing you will get to driving a real GT40. And what a car it is. If you don’t know the story of how the GT40 came about it’s a fascinating one. Motoring folklore says that Henry Ford II was negotiating to buy Ferrari in the early 1960s. Enzo Ferrari himself wanted to be head of the motorsport division of the newly merged company but Ford refused. Before you know it the deal was off and Ford promised to take Ferrari on at their own game by producing a race-winning long distance car. That car was the Ford GT40. The GT bit is for Grand Touring whilst the 40 bit is a reference to the 40-inch height of the car – the very lower limit of the racing rules. The car clearly drove like a dream and snatched the Le Mans title for four consecutive years from 1964 to 1969 inclusive. Pretty impressive stuff from Ford as you are about to find out when you get behind the wheel of the GT40 yourself. Just getting in the thing can be quite a challenge because of the large doors sills (as the fuel tanks are in there!) and you’ll be sliding into a bucket seat that’s just inches from the floor. And forget it if you ever want to put any luggage or even shopping bags in one of these the back and boot is all taken up by the impressive V8 engine! Press the start button and fire this beast into life. Don’t expect a smooth take off from standing though as the GT40 has a pretty heavy racing clutch so you have to really commit to pulling away and give it some revs. And once you’re on your way you’ll realise it’s a noisy fast hard and very uncomfortable ride – but that’s what these racing thoroughbreds are all about isn’t it? These vouchers give you the chance to drive a GT40 for either three or six brilliantly bolshy laps at the venue of your choice. A pro instructor will be riding alongside you in the passenger seat to help you tame this motor racing brute from Ford. Just remember to keep those revs up!

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