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Four Seater Trial Flights

If you want to take your trial flight in style then these 30 minute or one hour classes in a four seater aircraft are a great choice with venues available nationwide. And what’s more these vouchers are flexible as there’s no need choose the location now the lucky person going on the flight can take their pick when they book their course. Each of these trial lesson flights last for either thirty minutes or a full hour with the safety briefing time on top of that so you get maximum time in the cockpit. As all trial flights use four-seater light aircraft a friend or family member (at the discretion of the pilot on the day) can join you in the cabin and witness the memorable moment you take over the yoke at cruising altitude like a proper pilot. The flying instructor handles the difficult aspects of the flight such as taxiing takeoff and the landing sequence but once you’re safely up in the air then you can seize control and give free reign to your flying aspirations as you aim straight and level. Your instructor is in the seat next to you though giving you advice and tuition through the headphones enabling you to fly the plane both safely and enjoyably. These trial courses are a popular choice for aero enthusiasts everywhere. Combining sightseeing opportunities from a birds-eye perspective with an adrenaline-inducing master class in airborne antics an experimental flight is the perfect present for a birthday or special event. For true aerial aficionados these trial flights serve as an excellent grounding for continuing your studies in order to gain your Private Pilot License (PPL). With schools throughout the UK offering test flights for all ages and abilities these four-seater flying opportunities are not to be missed. A trial flight is a fun and quirky alternative to a standard flying experience but if you fancy a smaller plane we also recommend our two-seater aircraft flying lessons at aero clubs nationwide.

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