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Full Day Paintballing for One

This is the ultimate game of elimination and exhilaration. Enjoy a full day of paintballing – it is fun, safe and maybe a little scary. You will be provided with the suitable gear, so don your combat suit and draw your gas-powered semi-automatic weapon and get ready to dodge the enemy in a selection of paintball scenarios. You’ll be sent out into the woods to play what is easily the most exciting game you’ll ever be part of. Paintball is a high adrenaline combat sport that requires strategy, field-leadership and teamwork. You will need to be cunning, resourceful and daring to take out the opposition. Do you have what it takes? Hide in the undergrowth whilst seeking out the enemy from a safe spot, or try to take them by surprise by storming out from behind trees. Whatever your tactics, keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the trigger and try to catch them before they catch you. Your senses will be racing as you run around hunting for the enemy in this intense and enjoyable Full Day Paintballing experience.

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