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Group Activities Manchester

Girls boys stags hens colleagues and mates – the gauntlet has most definitely been laid down when you take on these outdoor group activities near Manchester! Get your group together and get ready for some classic challenges down on the farm. First up – Segways. These are for solo riders only but there’s an element of team work needed here as it’s done as a relay. Hop on lean and steer your way around the rally trail hop off and let your partner do the same. When it’s your turn again zip off to the obstacle track with bumpy bits lumpy bits a wobbly see-saw and even a tricky rope bridge that’s been built right in the middle of it all. Which team of two will win this one? When it comes to the outdoor archery activity team spirit goes out of the window as it’s everyone shooting for themselves to battle it out to be crowned best archer. This is a classic sport and this lot near Manchester gives it a bit of spice with a load of games to play too. Will your arrows be swift and true or a little askew and off-course? For a completely new twist there’s Sky Bow. This is proper Katniss Everdeen stuff as you use conventional recurve bows and arrows to aim at rather unconventional foam discs that are fired off automatically across the skies. Get it right and your arrow implants itself with a satisfying ‘thud’ into the disc causing it to plummet to the ground. Ideal for groups from all walks off life all our outdoor activities in Manchester are ideal for getting a bit of team bonding going having a laugh with the girls or getting ever-so-slightly-competitive amongst your boy buddies. An ‘L’ plate or two whilst your Segwaying a silly hat for the groom to be or a bit of heckling for the worst shooter in the whole company and we think you’ve got everything you need for a fab few hours down at this farm.

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