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GT Race Boat Driving Experience

Get ready to compete in the GT race boat experience! No pottering around the Wyboston lakes on a leisurely cruise here this is all about sensational single-seater power boat driving fun as you take on each other during these thrilling race experiences. You will be driving solo in a fully-race prepped GT power boat. These monohull power boats go like the clappers and when you give it full throttle you’ll be literally bouncing over the water. These boats were totally built for racing so that is exactly what you’ll be doing on these GT experiences.Racing against the clock and each other in a mission to post the best lap times the adrenaline-o-meter is going to be fully in the red zone. These are single seater racing machines so you will be out there on your own which gives these powerboat driving experiences an extra zest to them. €œIf I’m out there on my own what happens if things go awry?€ we hear you ask. Well the onshore team have a remote engine cut off switch. Yep it’s that gnarly!As well as the on-shore support throughout your session you’ll be in constant radio contact with the race team too so they will be directing and giving you instructions as you go. Even so this is an activity that is not for the fainthearted but the thrill seekers amongst you will ab-so-blooming-lutely love it.Before you head out on the water in the GTs you will have a little recce of the course in one of the safety boats. Then you’ll take part in the lakeside briefing which includes sitting in a dummy cockpit so you can run through safety drills.As you can well imagine powerboat racing is pretty intense so these GT race boat experiences are divided into two 15-minute drives out on the water. They are run as heats with the intention of seeing who is the hot-shot of the GT class. And if as most GT pilots admit it was all a bit of a blur out there you get a print-out of your race performance to take home with you along with a certificate to prove you did it!

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