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GTR Driving

Let us present the Nissan GT-R test drive – the Black Edition! This special version of the almighty GT-R certainly makes this driving experience stand out from the crowd. Expect high performance high revs and plenty of acceleration to boot. The GT-R name is totally and utterly synonymous with Nissan and their skill at producing the goods when it comes to creating cars that easily outstrip what we’d call the more classic supercars out there. When we first saw the stats for this GT-R we could hardly believe our eyes. 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds. That wipes the floor with many Porsche Lambo and Ferrari out there so no wonder that in both Japan and the USA these cars are street racing superstars. Of course the iconic Nissan Skyline has been around for decades but the GT-R you’ll be putting to the test is one of the face lifted models. Technically speaking the Skyline name has been dropped but for all intents and purposes this is the same old Godzilla we know and love. Apparently the design and testing team at Nissan wanted to come up with a revised GT-R that whilst maintaining those aggressive looks also made a nod to Japanese culture. We’ll let you decide whether Nissan has succeeded at what they aimed to achieve when you meet the GT-R for the first time before your test drive. As we mentioned this is no ordinary GT-R. This is the Black Edition and as Nissan fans will know there are some really nice touches including RAYS Engineering wheels LED daytime brake and tail lights very smart High Density Discharge headlights as well as the carbon fibre spoiler. And just getting in the car for your drive is a ‘moment’ with the flush-mounted aluminium door handles – another special little extra detail on the Black Edition. So now you’re in. The cockpit is a racy blend of black and red with an array of dials and displays. The car has dual clutch transmission. Then there’s the all wheel drive. Then there’s the twin turbo V6 3.8l engine. All of which helps with those impressive 0-60 figures. Let’s see how close you get to those figures on your Nissan GT-R test drive.

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