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Gyrocopters Doncaster

Get a taste of what aerial sport flying is all about when you take a trial lesson in a gyrocopter near Doncaster! You will be flying in a modern closed-cockpit gyroplane out of Sandtoft Airport a small and friendly airfield at Belton in between Doncaster and Scunthorpe.You will be flying in a Cavalon gyrocopter. Designed and manufactured with typical German precision by AutoGyro this is machine heralds a new era for gyrocopters. It has a funky aerodynamic design with a fully enclosed cockpit. Inside it’s a comfy and ergonomically designed to offer you the best visibility. And quite frankly just getting in the thing is an event in itself as the Cavalon boasts really smart gull-wing doors. This is the supercar of gyrocopters!What’s more as the cockpit is a side-by-side configuration both seats are equipped with a set of controls. So these gyrocopter experiences from Sandtoft Airfield are treated as trial lessons which means that if you’re up for it you can have a go at the controls.Flying out of Sandtoft between Scunthorpe and Doncaster is pretty amazing. The landscape is a real mix of industrial and agriculture. As soon as you gain height you have an incredible aerial view on what was this RAF satellite station. Once home to Halifax and Lancaster planes the former concrete aprons and runways are filled with literally thousands of vehicles as this is the home of car and truck auctions amongst other businesses on the airfield site.With all that and the busy A180 as well as the River Torne and the River Trent snaking through the fields around you it’s all quite fascinating to see from the air. But it’s not just about sightseeing you’re here near Doncaster to fully experience the unique sensation of flying in a gyrocopter. There really is nothing like it especially when the flights are operated by the futuristic-looking Cavalon. Time to get up to Donny for your gyrocopter experience!

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