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Gyrocopters East Riding

Have you spotted the gyrocopters over East Riding? If you have the likelihood is that it will have taken off from Beverley Airfield. These experiences give you the chance to take a trial lesson in a modern gyrocopter aircraft out of Beverley to see the sights and learn how these machines fly. Beverley Airfield is a lovely little airfield that boasts a well-maintained grass runway and a clubhouse/cafe that comes with a friendly welcome. It’s in a great part of the country with great views of the East Riding of Yorkshire a given on these flights. You might even get to cruise over the Humber estuary as you’re only a few miles north of Hull here. Your lesson will take place in a AutoGyro Cavalon. This German manufacturer is leading the way when it comes to gyrocopters. With its award-winning aerodynamic design the Cavalon is innovative and highly capable with a cross country performance to match. It’s a very well thought out aircraft that’s a true delight to fly in. The Cavalon has a fully-enclosed cockpit with the advantage of side-by-side seating. That means you can see just what your flying instructor is doing and being dual-control offers up the opportunity for you to have a go at being pilot too. And we have to say it’s an amazing feeling as you soar effortlessly over the East Riding countryside and coastline knowing it’s you at the controls. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fly too. Of course you won’t be doing the tricky bits like taking off and landing but once you’ve cleared take-off you’ve got all the uncontrolled air space around Beverley Airfield and beyond to enjoy the Cavalon gyrocopter. We are offering 10 30 and 60-minute flights in these sophisticated top of the range gyrocopters over East Riding. Flying out of Beverley Airfield means a warm welcome is assured and a great little clubhouse and cafe awaits for that post-flight debrief over a cuppa. We think you’ll love it.

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