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Gyrocopters Wiltshire

Get the rotors spinning and hit the heights when you get airborne in one these gyrocopters over Wiltshire! It’s destination Clench Common airfield which sits just south of Swindon for a lesson in how to fly a gyrocopter from a seasoned pro. Here’s what you can expect€¦ A little bird told us that the chief gyro flying instructor Graham is a former British Champion pilot so we think he knows a thing or two about how to get the most out of these superb little flying machines. In fact the whole team here at Clench Common is highly experienced and dedicated to the joys of the rotary sensation you only get when flying in a gyrocopter.And if you’re thinking today’s gyroplanes are somewhat flimsy like Little Nellie from the James Bond films think again. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds with high-tech super light-weight materials now being used. Clever aviation boffins have fine-tuned designs to make gyros the fuel efficient quiet and cheap-to-run rotary aircraft they now are.This Wiltshire-based operator uses closed-cockpit gyros for these trial flights. That means there’s extra comfort on-board as you are nicely cocooned inside. These two-seater aircraft comply with the toughest airworthiness standard for gyros. A fine rotary machine the MTO cuts through turbulence (making it more stable that you could ever imagine) and boasts a 40knots wind tolerance.Even if you don’t really know what all that technical lingo is about it’s easy to see that these gyros are great fun to fly in. From within that bubble cockpit you get an amazing €˜front row seat’ onto the stunning Wiltshire scenery below. Depending on your flight duration and itinerary you may well see the likes of the Kennet and Avon canal Avebury stone circle the Vale of Pewsey and even spot a crop circle!For these flights in modern gyrocopters in Wiltshire we are offering 30 and 60 minute lessons. Both durations ensure you have plenty of time for you to actually have a go at taking control of the craft. And there will be a comprehensive ground briefing before you take off too.

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