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Half Day Photographic Safari

Don’t be camera shy – live life on the wild side with this safari and wildlife photography workshop! Choose from locations in Merseyside or Bedfordshire and you will be spending a half day discovering just how to snap those skilful shots of rare and exotic animals that are just so photogenic. Under the watchful eye and informative tuition of leading animal photographers David and Janet Southard you’ll be taught how to capture majestic safari animals on a DSLR camera. What’s more there’s no need to head to the savannahs of Africa for these fabulous workshops we have our two wildlife photography venues to suit your location and needs right here in the UK. Woburn Safari Park is a well-established safari park in Bedfordshire with immense animal enclosures offering a full range of both non-native and indigenous species for your camera clicking session. Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside also has a fine collection of animals and provides lots of close-up wildlife photography positions without intrusive fencing all of which you’ll be shown during your workshop. Access to both sites is by Land Rover driven by the park rangers who’ll make sure you get in the very best positions for taking photographs of these wild animals in a very natural setting. There’ll also be the opportunity to capture some shots from on foot for an authentic safari feel. Your designated photography expert will be on hand throughout the experience to offer support advice and assistance as you encounter the animals and to help you get the best photographic quality from your camera. Group sizes for the workshops are limited giving you plenty of time with the expert photographers to ensure you achieve the best results your equipment is capable of producing when faced with the amazing wildlife. This marvellous photo shoot is designed at DSLR camera users looking to improve their skills by focusing on tricky subject matter such as safari animals but it’s great for nature lovers too. Whether you opt for a morning or afternoon session you’re welcome to spend time at your leisure in the wildlife park either before or after the photography workshop taking in your fill of wild and wonderful creatures Our wildlife photography workshops are a rip-roaring experience for animal fans and amateur photographers of all levels and are sure to make for a memorable day out that will see you enjoying at least two trips out on the drives and heading home with hundreds of top quality images on your camera.

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