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Harry Potter Walking Tour

Take a saunter around a magical kingdom with this Harry Potter Walking Tour! Bringing the great Harry Potter books to life an expert guide (and massive HP fan) leads your fascinating walking tour. Setting off from a central London meeting point you’ll stroll for around two hours taking in the sights.Whilst you wander lots of secrets and locations will be revealed to give you a real behind the scenes insight into the filming of the Harry Potter movies. There are so many places in London that were used in the films that pretty much every which way you turn there’ll be something very familiar about it all.We love the moment you discover the entrance to the first Leaky Cauldron. Walk through the market just like Hagrid and Harry before arriving at that distinctive blue door of that famous (if a little dark and shabby) public house for wizards. And remember this is the gateway between non-wizardry and Diagon Alley we’re talking about here!The tour is packed full of moments like this. And if you can’t quite picture the location in the film your guide brings along screen shots from the scenes in the film so you can literally see what it looked it. A very simple but very clever way of bringing the films to life right in front of your eyes.As well as Leaky Cauldrons you’ll see things like the visitors’ entrance to the Ministry of Magic and where Harry Ron and Hermione managed to infiltrate the Ministry with a little help from polyjuice potion. Then there’s the bridge that was destroyed by the Death Eaters in Half Blood Prince€¦Indeed London is rich in Muggle history. From the moment you step out of Westminster Underground station (hopefully more easily than Arthur Weasley!) it’s magic and wizardry all the way the Bank station where your tour concludes. A must-do activity for Harry Potter fans of any age!

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