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Harvard and Spitfire Experience Duxford

Take off into the nostalgic world of the 1940s with an incredible warbird flight! This experience will see you fly a WW2 plane from historic Duxford. And as if that wasn’t enough of a thrill for one day once airborne and cruising nicely you’ll be joined by a genuine Spitfire to fly in formation with this most iconic aircraft. If you love Second World War aircraft and you love flying you will simply be in aviation heaven on this day. The whole set up at Duxford is incredible. As soon as you arrive on site you will be plunged into the world of wartime aviation. Even the pre-flight briefing takes place in the original wartime control tower giving you superb views across the runways and the aprons. So you’ve heard all about what your day entails now it’s time to meet the magnificent Harvard. Built under licence by Noorduyn Aviation in 1943 this Harvard has enjoyed a colourful flying history as FE992 with stints in the RCAF Sweden Norway and even Lebanon. Her civilian days as G-BDAM saw her taking a starring role in hundreds of air shows between 1985 and 2001 as one part of a Harvard duo wowing crowds everywhere they went.Now she is resplendent in classic Canadian €˜training yellow’ with red cowling and black anti-glare strip just like the many Harvards that worked hard as advanced trainers in WW2 with many a trainee fighter pilot in the hot seat. And it’s easy to imagine how those young pilots felt when you step into the cockpit and taxi off to the hold ready for take off. The nerves are there the anticipation is there as is the desire to do a good job taming this beast of a trainer.During your flight you will get the chance to take control of your graceful warbird as this experience is treated as a lesson not just a sightseeing sojourn. Having said that you’ll soon realise you’re not alone in the air and that incredible Merlin engine roar will have craning your neck to see where the Spit is. As she comes into your sights all eyes will be on her. Take in the air-to-air view of this wonderful old war girl after all it’s not every day you’re up in one great warbird flying alongside another great one is it?After flying formation for several delicious minutes you peel off and head back to base. As your warbird flight comes to end you’ll be able to reflect on the whole amazing experience. Not for too long though as you’ve got a guided private tour of the IWM Duxford next with your host showing you around and explaining some of the 200-plus aircraft to you over the 300 acre-site. We think this is a truly memorable experience that includes flying an American warbird and getting up close to a British one too. Brilliant stuff.

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