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Helicopter Flight for Two

Rotary fun for the pair of you on a helicopter flight for two! As you take a lesson your invitee rides in the helicopter as a passenger. And with the extra touch of a box of chocolates and a flute of bubbles included it all makes for one romantic helicopter ride for the two of you.These 30 minute experience helicopter flights for two are operated out of Elstree Aerodrome using a Robinson R44. It’s a rather nifty four seater machine so there’s plenty of room for both of you and the all-important instructor too which is quite convenient and pretty essential!So first things first. On arrival you’ll meet your helicopter pilot host for this ride for two. This is a pretty buzzing aerodrome just on the cusp of the London skyline so there’s aways a fair amount of take offs and landings going on.After a safety and technical ground briefing the two of you will then head out to the helipad to meet your R44. These are one of the world’s most popular helis with a reputation for being robust reliable and easy to fly. If you’ve never flown in any type of helicopter before the two of you will be pretty excited pre-take off as final checks are done the rotor blades start turning.As soon as you get airborne you get an immediate visual on just where you are in the country. There’s the busy M1 motorway. And just below you check out Hilford Park Reservoir. As your chopper turns you might find yourselves heading over the likes of the Warner Bros and Elstree studios. Then before you know it there’s that London town on the horizon!Whilst your passenger is enjoying the local sights from your elevated look-out of the helicopter you’re not just here for the ride – you’re here to fly. And this is the moment you will be handed the controls. Savour the moment you turned from helicopter rider to helicopter driver – it’s going to feel special that’s for sure.Which is also why when you get back down on the ground there’ll be a little presentation and a toast to the two of you. Time to crack open the box of chocs and sip the (non-alcoholic) fizz as a celebration of the day you both went on a helicopter flight for two from Elstree Aerodrome.

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