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Helicopter Flights Wales

Go vertical with our sky-high helicopter rides over Wales and experience the thrill of flight from a whole new angle! These aerial adventures put you in control as you fly the helicopter above the beautiful mountains and valleys of Powys giving you a birds-eye view of some of the country’s most stunning landmarks as you go.We are offering 30 and 60 minute lessons in Wales as well as the 40-minute €˜Air Raising’ ride which gives you a 30-minute lesson plus an extra 10-minutes where the pilot will show you what these machines can do.All three experiences offer a full half-hour safety briefing independent of your flight time as well as complete professional instruction throughout. The flying school is a fully licensed Flight Training Organisation (FTO) and a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved training provider offering some of the best helicopter instructors in the country.We might call them rides but during these Mid Wales helicopter flights you’ll have the chance to take over the role of pilot for the majority of your time in the air. You’ll learn how to control the heli in a straight line discover how to use the rotors in order to turn and most difficult of all hover.And don’t forget if you go for the 40-minute ride from this Welsh school you’ll enjoy the standard 30-minute itinerary including your time at the helicopter’s controls before the instructor takes the lead for the final 10 minutes to show you some of the more exhilarating manoeuvres you can accomplish in these agile aircraft. If you didn’t have the flying bug before you will now!As well as having time to actually fly the chopper yourself you get the added bonus of soaring over some spectacular Welsh countryside on these lessons. From Powys Castle to the Severn Valley across the border you’ll be treated to wonderful aerial views making these helicopter rides over Wales some of the best rotary experiences we offer.

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