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Helicopter Lighthouse Tour with Cream Tea

Quirky unique and ever so slightly eccentric – that’s what this very special Lighthouse Tour next to the sea is all about! We love this coastal package as it includes a couple of very welcome surprises.€¦ Not only will you be touring the West Usk Lighthouse on foot you’ll also get to see it from the air as this experience includes a whizz round the local area in a helicopter! Perfectly placed on the cliff’s edge overlooking the Bristol Channel you’ll take off from the grounds of the lighthouse to a simply spectacular panoramic view. Gasp as you see just how beautiful this area of Newport is when the sun shines over the rippling waters look down on where the Severn and Usk river meet and generally be amazed by just how small everything looks from your privileged cockpit view in the heli. And with so much open countryside around you it’s easier to spot this lovely lighthouse that you’ll be having a tour of later. Once back on Terra Firma you’ll be greeted by Frank and Danielle the legendary owners of Usk Lighthouse B&B. You might have seen that when Alex Polizzi the Hotel Inspector visited she helped them transform this incredible Grade II listed building into a veritable romantic retreat complete with a beautiful nautical theme. Now it’s your chance to meet the owners and have a guided tour around this incredible lighthouse. During your tour you’ll hear that this lighthouse was built in 1827 by James Walker. It’s quite different to your usual lighthouse design as it has a larger circumference and is somewhat squatter. It still requires a serious amount of interior design flair and vision to be able to furnish the odd-shaped rooms though and you’ll see all this on your tour and hear all about the labour of love to get the project off the ground. Highlights of this lighthouse have to include the stunning glass-floored lamp room and the open air hot tub – complete with a very unusual changing room. And no we won’t spoil the surprise here we’ll leave you to discover the secrets this lighthouse holds when you go on the tour! Whether it’s on a blustery day at low tide in the autumn or with the sun basking the white-washed walls in the height of summer we think a lighthouse tour here in West Usk is a superb way to spend a day by the seaside. Just south of Newport in Wales the lighthouse is just minutes from the M4 but you will feel you are miles away from civilisation as you drink in those magnificent views out to sea complete with ships and boats bobbing about on the water seagulls swooping and the sound of the waves crashing. Thoroughly idyllic. 

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