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Helicopter Pleasure Flight

These high-flying nationwide helicopter trips are the perfect way to explore your favourite part of the country from an unusual aerial perspective. With miles and miles of clear skies promising new unusual and breathtaking views whichever UK venue you opt to attend you’ll be enjoying a sightseeing spin in a proper executive chopper. Whether it’s a castle lake city or coastline flight path that takes your flying fancy these exhilarating helicopter trips offer you the best views of key landmarks nationwide. Combine the thrill of travelling in true jet-set style the excitement of taking to the air in swanky helicopter and hovering a thousand feet above the ground€¦ then add to that the stunning views over the local landscape and you’ve got a sightseeing experience like no other. Trips cover 15 miles 25 or 55 miles no matter which of the nationwide centre your fly from. Your experienced pilot will also play host on this aerial extravaganza commentating throughout so you get to hear interesting facts about the buildings geological features and key sights all visible during your ride. Make sure you remember your camera because there are bound to be plenty of unmissable photo opportunities that you’ll want to capture and share. All nationwide helicopter trips have a pre-flight briefing before you head out to the helipad and climb aboard the chopper. This IntotheBlue voucher is valid for helicopter centres around the UK so it’s up to you where you take your hair-raising heli flight. It has to be said there’s nothing like heading over your own hometown the area where you grew up or even treating yourselves to a panoramic view of where you are on holiday! And you don’t have to be aviation-mad to enjoy these rotor-driven rides as they simply make wonderful powered flight presents giving loved ones the chance to see their world from another perspective no matter where they are in the country with a choice of departures lined up nationwide. Helicopter trips offer an unparalleled buzz that are bound to make the lucky participant desperate for more airtime it’s that much fun. And if you opt for the two-person voucher you can share a magical journey over a special location or even mark an important occasion.

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