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Helicopters Bournemouth

Hop onboard for some aerial fun with these helicopter lessons out of Bournemouth! This school offers an impressive range of lesson durations in either two or four seater helicopters – all of which are maintained and flown from the bustling Bournemouth International Airport. This centre was set up in 1994 by Gary Ellson. He became passionate about rotary flying after he himself took a trial flight in a heli trained for his Private Pilot’s Licence and then bought a training school! Based on the west side of the airport in amongst the other civil aviation operators this school has gained an excellent reputation over the years. Their policy is to constantly renew aircraft so all of the fleet here is modern. Having used a variety of helis over the years the company now has the two seater Schweizer 300 and the four seater Robinson R44 as the main training aircraft. The S300 is a piston-powered chopper with one single three-bladed rotor and is manufactured by a subsidiary of the famous Sikorsky aviation brand. The R44 with its semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor and skid landing gear has a long-standing reputation as one of the best four seater trainers used worldwide. Before you get to see these flying machines close up you will have an induction at the Bourne2Fly clubhouse – the main building of the school with lounge briefing room and student study area. Here you’ll be introduced to your pilot instructor who will be hosting your experience. Once the safety briefing is done you will head out to the helipad which is right in front of the clubhouse (convenient for your friends and family who want to watch!) and climb aboard the chopper. As you go through the pre-flight checks you will learn what each of the controls do and before you know it you are high above the airport. The main flight path is to head directly towards the Dorset coastline routing down along the beach. If you live locally an itinerary might be possible that allows to fly over your house. All flight durations on helicopter lessons in Bournemouth are based on from when the rotors start turning to when they come to a halt and including any hover time (which is the one thing every budding helicopter pilot is eager to experience!). All experiences include ‘hands on’ time when you be actually learning how to control the helicopter yourself. If you are really taken with helicopters all lessons count towards your PPL -H licence that you can carry on with at this friendly school in a wonderful part of Dorset.

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