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Helicopters Lessons Newcastle

Get a taste for airborne adventure with these helicopter rides and lessons over Newcastle! We have a full range of flight durations on offer giving you the chance to try your hand at piloting one of these rotor-driven machines for real with rides operated in modern two seater helicopters. If you’ve always wanted to fly a chopper or perhaps just want to discover the scenery of the North East in a new way then our helicopter rides are the experience for you. Flights depart from Newcastle International Airport in the school’s Cabri G2 helicopter. Each heli ride is preceded by a ground briefing given by your CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved helicopter flying instructor who will be teaching you on a one-to-one basis. Once strapped in and with head comms set on the blades will start turning. Amidst all the engine noise you’ll feel the landing skids gently float off the runway. This is when you’ll start to appreciate the effortless manoeuvrability of a helicopter like the Cabri G2.As well as the amazing aerial views over Newcastle and beyond these rides include time at the controls for you. You’ll soon realise it’s all about co-ordination and reading your flight conditions. You might even be able to have a go at hovering at fixed altitude using the foot pedals and controls to constantly correct your position. But even sticking to the relatively straightforward flying techniques this is an aerial experience like no other. If it’s your first time in a chopper we are sure you’ll be impressed!For those who love an aerial thrill and for anyone interested in choppers a helicopter ride in Newcastle is just the ticket to soaring success. If you do decide to continue your helicopter flying any rides at Newcastle will count towards your total flying hours should you pursue your PPLH (Private Pilot License Helicopters) with the centre.

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