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Hot Air Balloon Flights

Into the Blue unrestricted hot air balloon flights are offered in partnership with Balloons Over Britain; a name synonymous with adventure and flight who have over 70 balloon launch sites across the UK. The hot air ballooning vouchers on this page offer the maximum flexibility and convenience being valid for dawn and dusk flights throughout the week including weekends making the perfect present for someone you love. Into the Blue also offers sunrise balloon trips which present excellent value for money. The experience starts with a passenger greeting followed by the inflation of the balloon. This is great fun to watch with passengers and spectators often invited to join in whilst cold air is blown into the balloon and then heated. Just before climbing into the basket it’s time for the pilot briefing and once everyone is settled (and with cameras at the ready) it’s time for take off. Gently with the hot air lifting the balloon off the ground you’ll will drift skywards and  as you watch the ground slowly drop away friends and family down below soon look like little ant-sized people. Your familiar towns become toy towns and the rolling countryside becomes a glorious patchwork quilt of seasonal colours as you climb to an altitude of up to 3 000ft. You will be airborne in the balloon for about an hour depending on weather conditions and  yes it is true that the pilot never really knows precisely where you will land – but fear not the ground crew are in radio contact with the pilot and follow the balloon to the safe landing spot! The pilot can control altitude by using the gas burner to control the temperature of the hot air in the balloon and often a change of height can result in a change of direction. Essentially you are being carried by the wind like a dandelion seed! Once landed the ground crew will meet you and there’s a champagne toast to celebrate your adventure whilst the balloon is being deflated. Your experience ends with the presentation of a commemorative certificate signed by your pilot before being transported back to the launch site. Make your special day extra special with a gift experience from IntotheBlue.co.uk 

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