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Hot Stone Massage Nottingham

Let the pebbles do the healing when you enjoy a hot stone massage in Nottingham! Incredibly warming and cosy a thermal massage will do you the world of good. Muscle aches will vanish and you’ll feel supple and raring to go and attack everyday life again by the end of your session. You might think using stones as part of a massage therapy is a little unusual. In fact as this Nottingham team knows only too well the smooth pebbles are brilliant at keeping heat in and feel really quite nice on your skin too which is why they are used. Some may talk about particular properties of certain types of rock but all we know it feels great! At this Nottingham salon we are offering the choice of either a full body massage with the stones or an upper body version concentrating purely on the neck back and shoulder areas but in both cases the aim is a deep tissue massage. Different sizes of stones will be used on different areas of the body; the largest are used along the spine for example whilst smaller pebbles can even be put in between toes As well as the placement technique your therapist will also rub problem areas with the stones to really help those tense muscles release themselves paying particular attention to classic areas of muscular strain around the neck and back. Although a warmed stone can be placed directly on the skin many beauticians like to use oils. A light covering is applied so as not to soak into the skin and then the stone is added. The mix of essential oils for a hot stone massage is a real art so this Nottingham salon has chosen to use their own unique design oil for their active botanical ingredients that smell simply wonderful. So if you fancy trying the delights of a hot stone massage this Nottingham salon is the place to go for girls in the East Midlands. Right in the centre of town you can combine your thermal massage experience with lunch out with girlfriends a bit of shopping or sightseeing – but we recommend you finish off your day with the therapy else you’ll be far too relaxed to cruise the shops afterwards!

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