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Hot Stone Spa Day Reading

Indulge yourself or someone you love in a hot stone massage in Reading and find out what the fuss is all about! These brilliant Berkshire treatments are all about using thermal stones to give you a very deep massage experience that’ll leave your muscles feeling revived from all that tender loving care. It might seem a bit odd using stones for a massage but these aren’t just any old pebbles you might find in your garden. This centre near Reading like many uses basalt and black volcanic stones for their massages. Chosen for their warmth-emitting properties each one has been ground down and smoothed so they feel comfortable on your body. The idea behind this form of muscular therapy is to release deep-seated tensions in the whole body by using the placement of the stones to heat up your muscles and then your masseur gets to work on manipulating away all those knots with their skilled hands. It is an amazing feeling and when combined with oils a very holistic experience that’ll make you feel really quite nice and warm and cosy all over. The stones are sanitised by the therapist and heated in water. Treatments most often start with you lying on your back with the spine being one of the favourite parts of the body to start on. The hot stones also come in different sizes with larger ones used on bigger muscles to help to really infuse all that heat. And in case you were wondering we call them hot stones but they are not at an uncomfortably high temperature the aim is for a pleasantly warm sensation on your skin. It has been said that this form of massage helps with energy flow muscle pains sleeping problems and even with flushing toxins but in essence it’s  a very lovely feeling that we think anyone who deserves a little bit of a quiet and tranquil pampering session will absolutely love. Time to book in for your hot stone massage at Reading’s four star Holiday Inn near Wokingham. And don’t forget whilst you’re there you’ll be welcome to make the most of all the spa centre has to offer  including indoor swimming pool gym and sauna in addition to your thermal treat.

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