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Hotel Chocolat Children’s Chocolate Workshop

Welcome to Hotel Chocolat for kids! Children will love these one-hour workshops where they get to learn all about where chocolate comes from and decorate their very own slab of chocolate. And all with lots of yummy chocolate tasting in-between. Get ready for a journey in chocolate kids!Standby for mucky mitts and chocolate moustaches galore. Making a mess is actually all part of the fun during these chocolate sessions that are just for kids aged between five and 13 years old. Hosted by Hotel Chocolat kids will have a blast. The history of chocolate is explained in a fun yet informative way and without waffle so youngsters get just the right amount of facts and figures before attention wanders.After the educational bit that includes seeing the machines used to turn cocoa beans into chocolate it’s time to get hands-on. And as an accompanying adult you can watch your little ones as they get stuck in with all things cocoa. What’s more you’ll most likely be offered a drink (ever had a drink at a Hotel Chocolat cafe? Well we can tell you the hot choc is to die for!) and even take a nibble on some sampling choc yourself.Each child will be presented with a block of delicious chocolate and that means it’s time for the decorating to begin. Kids will be piping swirls and shapes with different colours of warmed liquid chocolate sticking on mini marshmallows and generally just making a glorious cocoa mess as they decorate. All bars are made in their own unique style and once they’ve set it’s time to wrap them as neatly as a Hotel Chocolat bar in the shop ready to be taken home.The only problem we can see with these Hotel Chocolat Kids’ sessions is the fact that those neatly packaged bars of hand-crafted chocolate will so not be making it home without being scoffed. All the more reason for you grown ups to make sure you buy your own little stock of choc in the shop before you leave!!

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