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Hotel Chocolat Tasting Adventure

The Hotel Chocolat Tasting Adventure – a two-hour workshop explaining chocolate in a very un-boring way! Be entertained have a glass of Prosecco learn lots about the tastes of different chocolates and eat lots of it too. What a way to while away a couple of hours with like-minded company as you all indulge in all things cocoa.Hosted by an expert from Hotel Chocolat you are in for a fabulous journey into chocolate. What on earth do all the percentages of cocoa content actually mean? Have you ever wondered why some chocolate has a smoky flavour? What happens if you get your conching wrong? How do you get that texture just right? All these and many more chocolatey questions will be answered for you during your experience.You know how in wine tasting you learn to describe and explain your taste sensations? Well with these tasting adventures it’s much the same but with chocolate. You’ll learn about what factors affect flavours and how the flavour combinations work together to become the perfect piece of irresistible chocolate that you just want to pop in your mouth and scoff!And we have to say the best thing about these experiences is that there is SO much chocolate for you to taste. Hotel Chocolat has an amazing range of chocolate and you’ll get the chance to try lots. You will be tasting some classic combinations that are well-known and loved but also some more usual flavours that you’d probably never imagine working but they do.Contrary to popular belief one cannot live on chocolate alone which is why the bubbles will be flowing during your tasting adventure. You’ll be served a nice chilled glass of Prosecco to accompany your Hotel Chocolat cocoa treats. And it’s not just any old Prosecco but a DOCG one meaning it’s of the highest quality.No Hotel Chocolat Tasting Adventure would be complete without a little gift to take home with you so you’ll be leaving with a goody bag in hand. And it’s also worth knowing that for the day of your experience only you can buy Hotel Chocolat products with a 10% discount. The perfect excuse to stock up!

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