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Huracan Spyder Circuit Drive

See if you can tame the whirlwind that is the Huracan convertible! Officially known as the Huracan Spyder LP610-4 this is one seriously awesome car from Lamborghini. It boasts impeccable performance and handling those head-turning looks and all the prestige that famous Lamborghini taurus logo brings with it. You’re going to love this drive.The Huracan convertible is packed full of on-board gadgetry. The ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence Management) technology ensures the car’s character is adapted to you the driver which means you can actually tame the raging bull. Then there’s the seven-speed Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) dual-clutch transmission which boasts rapid gear take-up. Not too mention Piattaforma Inerziale Lamborghini (LPI) which provides real-time detection of chassis movements to adjust the car’s set up.And it’s not just acronyms behind this drop-top Huracan. The Italian technicians at Lamborghini have come up with some storming names for their drive modes. €˜Strada’ is for day-to-day use and laid back cruising. A little taste of oversteer so you can a bit of a slide on is on the menu in €˜Sport’ setting. Whilst €˜Corsa’ (nothing to do with the small hatchback of the same name and all to do with the it being Italian for €˜race’) puts your Huracan Spyder into full-on lairy racing-style driving mode.You definitely pilot a Lambo rather than simply driving it. You’ll certainly need your wits about you to be able to control every single one of those 610bhp from that 5.2l V10 engine. Capable of 202mph this is an absolute beast of a supercar even though it’s considered the €˜baby’ of the Lamborghini stable. It was Top Gear magazine’s Supercar of the Year when it was launched in 2014 and has garnered praise and fans world-wide ever since.The icing on the cake of this Huracan is that fact that it’s a convertible. What could possibly be more €˜having it’ than speeding off along the race track with the roof down letting that full orchestra of that finely-tuned V10 engine that’s just behind you sing right into your ears as you drive? Pure theatrical performance like only the Italians can do.

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