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Indian Head Massage in Derbyshire

Take time out for an Indian Head Massage in Derby! This is an unbelievably relaxing treatment and a must for those who yearn to escape the stresses of everyday life. The experience is calming and will leave you feeling energised and revitalised. It’s also an ideal technique for those who aren’t keen on full body therapies as it concentrates on the head shoulders and neck. Everyone deserves a little time for themselves. Imagine lying down relaxing and unwinding while your scalp is gently massaged – you will feel the stress simply ebbing away….sheer heaven in this little corner of the Derbyshire countryside near Ashbourne and Worksworth. During your half hour the highly skilled therapist will work on pressure points releasing blocked channels and encouraging relaxation using a variety of effective techniques including stroking pressured areas along with gentle compression and kneading. The art of head massages Indian style (also known as Champissage) has been practiced for over a thousand years and at this Derbyshire venue for many years. Based on the ayuredic system of healing it aims to release the stress in the tissues muscles and joints of the head downwards. The belief is that if your energy is not flowing correctly pain tension and negative energy builds up. This indulgent technique is also renowned for having a strong effect on the three high chakras (mind body and spirit) so prepare to feel your anxieties float away! Located in 16 acres of beautiful Derbyshire countryside this stylish spa near the borders of Nottingham and Sheffield specialises in massaging heads using the €˜Indian’ techniques as well as a wide range of other holistic therapies so the result is a peaceful haven. The centre prides itself on being small unique and friendly. Before or after your champissage you are welcome to walk in the grounds with amazing mature beech trees or stretch your legs a little further and enjoy the stunning Carsington Reservoir located nearby. This exclusive Derby-based massage holistically-focussed health centre only allows limited numbers of guests so you can be sure of the very best care and attention from the team of therapists during your stay. With your batteries recharged and stress a distant memory your Indian head massage in Derby will leave you feeling feeling uplifted refreshed and bursting with vitality. Who knows maybe you’ll be ready to take on the world…a wonderful experience. As well as this Derbyshire venue IntotheBlue can also offer Indian head massages at alternative locations in the UK.

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