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Indian Head Massage Nottingham

Feel the pressure flow away with an Indian head massage in Nottingham! This beauty and treatment salon in the heart of the city is a temple to relaxation and rejuvenation. As soon as you step through the door the noise of the street is muffled to a silence and you’re transported into a rather exotic world full of aromas and soft music. It’s time to enjoy some TLC! Influenced by practices conducted in ancient cultures these holistic therapies aim to re-balance both your mind and body. Long seen as beneficial in Indian culture the head massage melts away tensions not just in the head and scalp but the whole of the upper body. It really is all about clearing your mind freeing your soul of worries and releasing pressure with hopefully long-lasting positive effects too. This skilled Nottingham team is highly trained in the hand movements used to massage your head and it really is a fine art. Even the lightest touch can work wonders on your whole body and depending on what your body needs will make you feel relaxed or rejuvenated ready to face the world again after your 25 minutes of utter bliss. The salon itself is in a wonderful Grade II listed building that is well known amongst Nottingham residents. The decor inside is very much Far East meets Morocco with a very wise-looking Buddah sitting sagely in the window next to the entrance to welcome you. After a warm reception from staff the Indian head massage treatment will be explained to you so you know what to expect. Then it’s off to the cosy and beautifully-lit treatment room to meet your therapist who will using their magic hands to great effect. The massage can be done with or without oils so if you’re heading back to work after you won’t have to deal with your hair style but many say it is a much nicer sensation when the specially selected oils are used. So hopefully your Indian head massage at this Nottingham beauty temple will have you feeling suitably serene as you step back out into the city street. In less than half an hour your can treat your body to some gentle massaging from your shoulders and neck to your forehead and scalp. And believe us you’ll be amazed at just how great it feels with a definite positive well-being effect.

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