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Introduction to Windsurfing for Two Chepstow

Windsurfing near Chepstow – ideal for beginners! These vouchers are for two people to have a half-day windsurfing lesson together at this renowned water sports venue near Chepstow.Aimed at beginners with little or no windsurfing experience this Chepstow centre aims to build confidence and get you out on the water successfully standing up and windsurfing in a straight line across the water. It might involve a few falls on the way but it’s all good fun – and the instructors are all very patient.Your lesson will take place on the lagoon at the National Diving and Activity Centre. It’s the ideal place for novices as winds are light. If they’re too strong you just won’t get your balance and it all becomes a bit frustrating. With gentle breezes you should be able to get up on the board and get going in no time.The great thing about this Chepstow centre is that your session lasts for three hours. That gives you plenty of time for introductions to be shown around your sail and board rig to learn how to launch get on (and off) the board and start moving across the water. Then you’ll be able to practice what you’ve been taught.By the end of the half day you will hopefully feel like you’ve learnt a lot. When you arrived you didn’t even know your boom from your balance point. And now look at you – smoothly gliding across the waters deftly handling the rig like you’ve been windsurfing a whole lot longer than just a few hours!There’s no need to be a strong swimmer for these sessions. As long as you’re confident in water that’s great. You’ll also have a buoyancy aid that’ll help you float. All this makes windsurfing at Tidenham near Chepstow a great option for two of you to try a new watersport together. Get booked in before everyone gets wind of what’s happening at the National Diving Centre!

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