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Introductory Wine Tasting for Two

Enrol yourselves in wine school and learn lots about the wonderful world of vineyards and grapes! These evening workshops take place at nationwide locations and offer a fun interactive and rewarding introduction to what now has to be our favourite alcoholic tipple. With schools around the country it’s no wonder wine is the word on everybody’s lips. A collective of enthusiastic and experienced wine experts run these renowned schools and they love nothing more than to impart their knowledge of the greatness of the grape. Put simply they say: “We love talking about wine and food” and as testament to their lively and informative teaching style the team was even shortlisted as Wine Educator Of The Year. So what is the programme for wine school students? Well the exact content will vary from venue to venue but you will be tasting between six and eight wines. If you choose the premium voucher the selection of wines for the course will be of a superior quality and those who opt for the course with a book will go home with a superbly comprehensive tome that tells you everything you need to know about wine – the ideal coffee table book! It’s fair to say when we’re asked about wine we know what we like and what we don’t like but we don’t really know why. This is where wine school comes in. The tutors will help you explore how flavours tastes and aromas affect how our tastebuds react to wine and why as well as explaining which wines should be opened and drunk when. You will also be taught how to actually taste a wine properly. An essential ingredient of this is the wine glass. All school’s use ISO (that’s international standard) tasting glasses that have been ergonomically designed with a rounded bowl and narrow sides so you can swirl the wine without spilling it and the rim of the glass helps hold all those beautiful bouquets and flavours in for your to enjoy. With the right glass and the best teachers we think your evening at wine school is time well spent. By the end of the two hours you will know the difference between your everyday glugging wine and the truly unique and individual wines that are worth keeping for a special occasion. Time to sign up pop the corks and get sipping the vino!

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