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Jetovator Experience

Try the Jetovator experience and ride one of the best water toys you could ever try! We’ve joined (jet) forces with a company that offers experiences to try different lake toys including the maddest of the them the Jetovator at inland lake venues in and around the Liverpool area.The Jetovator uses thrust from cascading water controlled by an accompanying jet boat to power you up into the sky. The hydro powered Jetovator is certainly unique and looks a bit like a cross between a personal watercraft and a trials bike. And yes this experience is as crazy as it looks!Contrary to what you might think the Jetovator is a remarkably stable set up with a tripod of water columns supporting you from beneath. There’s one spray stream beneath your foot rest providing lift and another two powering from the front to control speed and direction. You’ll be perched on the bike-style seat using the handlebars to orientate the forward jets to steer. The expert water riders here reckon being a Jetovator rider is just like bike riding but on a lake and most people are able to get up and out of the water within a few minutes. The equipment is particularly lightweight and agile because it doesn’t have an onboard power source. Indeed why house a heavy engine when you can tether yourself to a high powered jet ski boat via a 40 ft hose?! Your instructor will be on the supply craft controlling the thrust (and therefore how high you fly) as well as offering tips and advice as you go. That all means you just have to concentrate on which direction you want to go and enjoying the ride.  Your Jetovator adventure with these crazy machines lasts for around 30 minutes. You’ll embark from a position in the lake and it’ll take all your sense of balance to rise gracefully out of the waves using the surge of the H20. Once you are up and running and have covered the basics of the handling the Jetovator the experience cranks up a notch with your instructor increasing the power. Prepare to potentially rise to a height of around 25ft and accelerate at speeds approaching 20mph all thanks to the power of good old water. If you take to Jetovatoring like a duck to water you might even want to try some more daring manoeuvres including twists and turns or even some fancy diving underwater type tricks out on the lake!

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