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John Deere Tractor Driving

Bring out the inner farmer in you with this brilliant John Deere tractor driving experience! Aside from their dog a tractor is a farmer’s best friend. Agile reliable powerful and always ready to roll these incredible workhorses of the agricultural world are fantastic to drive.If you think tractors are fairly rugged and basic think again. Inside the John Deere 6 series tractor it’s all totally high tech. From the mega comfy centrally-positioned swivelling driver’s seat and console to the touch screens and the control arm it’s gadgets and gizmos all the way. Even the sound system is pretty impressive – to keep a farmer entertained whilst they plough!The view you get is really cool too. You’re pretty high up and the visibility with the bulbous glass-filled cabin means you can see all around your fields with ease. These machines really are the backbone of modern farming with John Deere producing everything from huge combine harvesters to seed drills. The good old tractor is the totally multifunctional must-have for any farmer as you’ll soon see.A field on an old airfield in Essex is the location for your tractor drive. A number of handily placed hay bales will create the track that you’ll be negotiating in your trusty John Deere. Climb aboard and get yourself settled in the hydraulic hot seat. Fire up that 4.5l six cylinder engine (!) and get going.Although mostly used to pull tow and move things a tractor without any attachments can actually shift being capable of up to 40km/h. The aim of the game here isn’t speed though you’ll be trying to pick your way in your big-wheeled John Deere around tight corners and over rutted ground trying your hand at a little bit of reversing as you go. Which we have to say is tricky stuff in this great hulk of a thing!And in case you were wondering this shiny green and yellow John Deere isn’t just here for fun it’s used for track maintenance and hay making by the owners. So this really is a proper farming tractor with work to do in between giving us excitable non-agricultural types the chance to have fun too. Tempted? Book your John Deere tractor driving experience and get out there in the fields!

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