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Junior Off Road Adventure Day

It’s a case of foot to the floor and cars galore on this junior off road day! This off roading adventure in Kent is perfect for any child wanting to launch themselves head first into a world of 4x4ing shenanigans far away from the public roads.The venue for this teen adventure is a 200 acre farm near West Malling. Youngsters can make as much noise as they like all day long as no-one will be able to hear. So whether it’s hollers of delight or the sound of the engine revving it’s all OK here.What vehicles will the lucky children be getting their mitts on? Well the answer is a whole load of ’em! To get juniors comfortable in the driving seat the sessions all start with a spin around the paddock in a dual-controlled Land Rover as a driving lesson giving time to get used to the controls on the flat.As confidence grows it’s time to take the Land Rover (and everyone knows Landys are the best when it comes to off road jaunts) properly offroad to hit the bumps and lumps around the farm. With an instructor in the front passenger seat at all times mini motoring fans will love the chance to tackle some proper 4×4 driving. After a break for lunch it’s time to try and tame the Powerturns. There’s no steering wheel it’s all controlled with levers. And there are two engines which means the thing pops wheelies and does spins all the time!Then it’s Can-Am Traxters or the reverse steer Landy. The cool little Traxters look at bit like golf buggies that have been working out at the gym. They’re speedy agile and great fun to drive. The reverse steer Land Rovers is just mad. Everything is back to front and it’s all really confusing. A few stalls and wrong turns are obviously going to be par for the course with this one.These junior off road days in Kent culminate in taking either the Apache rally karts or the quad bikes out for a spin. That means little racers can expect either wheel-spinning fun in the mud or searching for grip in the dust – and generally just having a whole load of driving fun of course! A brilliant day out.

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