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Kids Supercar Thrill

This Kids’ Supercar Thrill is a fantastic way to give young racers who haven’t even yet passed their driving tests the chance to get behind the wheel of some seriously flashy supercars and experience the mind-blowing excitement of driving in one or two of these beautiful high-performance vehicles. Specially designed for teens with a taste for acceleration speed and expensive vehicles these tyre-screeching sessions cater for 11-17 year olds who dream of taking their turn in the driving seat. At one of three UK circuits kids can slide into a very cool supercar and discover the thrill of drive in a safe yet spine-tingling environment. The choice of motors is impressive ranging from the totally untamed power of the Ferraris and Lamborghinis to the sophisticated and smooth Aston Martin DB9. For the standard Supercar Thrill kids will enjoy ten minutes at the wheel of their chosen car taking it through its paces on track with the help and guidance of an expert driving instructor. They’ll learn how to control steer and manoeuvre one of these incredible machines like a true driving professional. For the Double Thrill two supercars are chosen with ten minutes spent in each model doubling your child’s time on the circuit €“ and the fun factor! Before any track driving kids are put through their safety paces. Fitted with a helmet they’ll take part in a briefing to ensure they know exactly what to do throughout their time at the circuit. They’ll be able to meet their instructor and get a feel for their car of choice and then enjoy some quality drive time on the smooth surfaces of the purpose-built routes. A supercar session is sure to be a bumper treat for any child and they’ll be raring to go when it comes to powering up for this playful yet educational pit stop adventure. Spoil your little racer with a Kids’ Supercar Thrill day and watch them tear up the track like a professional driver in a full-throttle sports car extravaganza.

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