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Knife Skills Class

Loads of you budding cooks have requested a knife skills class so here it is! If you love cooking but lack the knife skills this evening course in London will teach you how to use and look after the sort of kitchen knife sets that chefs always have. And once you’ve prepped it’ll all be cooked into a lovely meal for you all to sit down and eat together.Kitchen knife skills are what set the professional chef apart from the amateur cook. You’ve seen how quickly those TV chefs chop and dice with every single morsel seemingly perfectly formed (and with no injuries either). Now it’s your chance to pick up these clever cooking knife skills for yourself. Be prepared to chop slice and dice your way through veg galore to get ready for your foodie feast.Of course proper kitchen knives are super sharp and need to be handled with care. That’s the first thing you’ll learn on these courses. And once you know how to hold the knife it’s also important to be shown how to hold what you’re actually chopping too. Once you’ve got these two basic skills down you’ll be ready to start prepping the ingredients for the meal.And if you thought chopping vegetables was just about cutting them into pieces think again. There’s julienne (the long matchstick shapes) chiffonade (thin ribbons of things like cabbage) and even brunoise (which is super finely diced) to master. With the help of your expert chef hosts you’ll learn all these chopping techniques and styles.Once everything has been finely diced and sliced chef will start cooking up the ingredients into a tasty evening meal. Having finished using the knives you’ll hear all about blade care and knife sharpening to add another string to your new-found knife skills.As you all sit down to tuck into your meal you’ll see how learning a few classic knife skills at this class can simply transform your culinary presentation. All those neatly chopped ingredients can make a basic recipe stand out and be worthy of any pro chef’s private dining table. Time to get chopping!

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