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Lamborghini Driving Days

These wheel-spinning tyre-squealing Lamborghini driving days are the perfect experience for anyone who has ever yearned to get behind the wheel of one of the world’s most iconic supercars. Named after a famous breed of Spanish fighting bull meaning gallant (and striking in Italian!) this fierce motor has been driven by many yet tamed by few€¦ With six key circuit venues across the UK you’re closer to realising your Lamborghini driving day dream than you think! Relish the twists and turns of Leicestershire Yorkshire Wiltshire Northamptonshire or Lincolnshire where you can milk the Gallardo for everything its V10 550bhp engine has got. With a top speed of over 190mph and a 0-60mph time of just 4.1 seconds this car is blisteringly quick and will give you the ride of your life. Your daytime session in the Lamborghini begins with driver registration and a safety briefing. So as you climb into the low-slung driving seat make the most of laps in this mid-engined beast of a coupe. The total distance you’ll complete behind the wheel is six miles.  During this time you’ll gradually build up confidence handling a car of this power and speed with later braking tighter cornering and higher top speeds in a straight line. Your expert instructor will be on hand throughout giving you tips and hints to make each of our Lamborghini driving days an experience you’ll always remember. With the High Speed Passenger Ride included you will also enjoy a full-revs spin in a performance saloon that is sure to leave you breathless with excitement as your driver puts the car (and you!) through its paces. Afterwards you’ll be rewarded with a Lamborghini driving certificate as a memento of your day on the driving track. Driving this Italian supercar is an experience unlike any other and a Lamborghini driving day is sure to be a hot-ride hit that’ll have you reliving every twist and turn where you had the wheels screeching on the track. So buckle up get revving that engine and race away with this Gallardo Thrill experience at your choice from four different tracks.

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