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Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator

Step into aviation history when you join the Lancaster bomber flight simulator crew! We are offering a duo of experiences in this unique simulator setup giving you the chance to find out what flying these WW2 heavy bombers was like.This Lancaster simulator is based at a flying club at Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport. The replica cockpit has been built to give you the feel of what it was like being one of the seven-strong crew in a Lancaster bomber. One of the most dangerous roles in the war the average life expectancy was just two weeks.Conditions inside the Lancaster were pretty harsh. Despite the large bulbous canopy it did feel claustrophobic inside and it was difficult to move around the aircraft with the wing spars. Flying at 20 000ft with no pressurisation it was cold so gunners wore insulated suits and oxygen masks.Right up front in the very nose of the aircraft was the bomb aimer/nose gunner. Then it was the pilot with the flight engineer and the navigator just behind along with the wireless operator. Behind them you’d find the mid upper gunner with the rear gunner positioned right at the end of the fuselage of this distinctive twin-tailed bomber. You will be playing the role of Lancaster pilot during your flight simulator session.Getting this huge hulk of an aircraft into the air when fully laden with fuel and bombs was no mean feat. Today that task is all yours. Once airborne it’ll take all your concentration to keep this four-engined bomber flying straight and level. Make sure you have your original Lancaster headset on so you can listen for tips and help from your instructor pilot especially when you attempt to fly under the Severn Bridge! After that manoeuvre you’ll need to concentrate on landing the Lanc.If you’ve opted for the ultimate Lancaster experience you get another 30-minute session in the simulator after a short break. Just like thousands of Lancasters did on daring day and night time bombing raids during the Second World War you’ll be flying in low over the very same German dams and reservoirs as the famous Dambusters.With just two airworthy Lancasters left in the world (the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lanc and the Canadian Vera) these Lancaster bomber flight simulator sessions bring a little piece of WW2 history coming back to life.

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