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Learn 2 Drift Academy

This drift academy experience school reckons it can teach anyone how to drift in that fast and furious style. That might be fighting talk from this well-known slide school with several venues around the UK. The team here will tell you that you simply need to take everything you thought you knew about driving throw it out of the window and learn how to pull donuts figure of eights and drive fine lines – sideways. Simple. What’s great about this academy is that every driver instructor out on the track is a current or former British Drifting Championship competitor. With more podium finishes amongst them than you can imagine they have a huge following of drifter boys and girls around the UK. This is the real deal and when they are not competing in thrilling side by side duels they’ll be teaching you or taking you out for an edge-of-your-seat ride.It’s hardly surprising that drifting has its roots in illegal street racing. Now it is recognised as a motor sport in its own right with championships around the world including the UK. Racers are judged on their line the speed the angle and showmanship so if you can properly style it out while you slide at this drift academy you could be onto something!We must say something about the cars that are used at this drift school. The academy runs drift cars for training days and others for the BDC or one of the other drift series. The fleet includes near standard Lexus IS200s (apart from the welded slip diff!) fully race prepped Skylines and real deal Nissan 200 SXs so you are learning this fine art in proper drifters.We’re talking welded diffs hydro handbrakes de-cats and performances exhausts here. And as you can see from the photos there’s no missing these Japanese drifting dreams coming on the track with that fluoro coachwork and growling exhaust. With names like Neopearl NizSilvia and Pearl they are the true gems of the UK drifting scene.So as a drift academy pupil we think the adrenaline-fuelled combination of pro champ instructors and crazy Lexus and Nissan drift cars is sure to delight. You’re sure to get the smell of burning rubber filling the skies at drifting circuits around the UK as you side-slide your way around the tight circuit. Driving in a straight line will just seem so dull in comparison!

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