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Learn to be a Pilot Experience

Learn to be a pilot with this fascinating one day experience available for one or two people! You’ll be based out of Coventry Airport for this most comprehensive of days that’ll show you just what being a qualified pilot involves with exercises both in the air and on the ground.Before any pilot starts their shift there’s a briefing. This will be where you meet your instructor pilot host and get a rundown on how the day will unfold. And will quite possibly include some essential fuel that’s to say a cuppa!Then it’s out the aircraft to carry out pre-flight checks. You’ll do a walkaround of the plane before climbing into the cockpit to verify all the onboard systems and controls. After that it’s time to discuss where your flight is going and in what conditions.Back in the classroom for this you’ll be shown how pilots plan their routes check current weather check for safety concerns on your planned route with what pilots call the NOTAMs system and create a flight plan including diversion routes and airports. It’s fascinating stuff and the theory applies whether you’re piloting a commercial jet a military fighter or a light aircraft.Route planned and aircraft ready it’s time to fly. One person flies the outward leg and another flies the return and you’ll be given maximum time at the controls as you fly. You’ll be fully involved in everything a pilot has to do from talking to the control tower to keeping a visual on where you’re going – as well as actually flying.Once landed at the airfield you’re visiting there’s time for a chat before heading back to the plane for your return leg back to base. When you’re not flying you’ll be taking on the role of navigator so you’re responsible for the flight keeping to time – and going the right way!Back at base you will visit the control tower (the hub of any airport) to see how it works. And then you’ll be heading to the flight simulator for some more pilot skills training. The day comes to a close with a pilot debrief and a chat about what is involved in becoming a pilot covering everything from the cost of a pilot’s licence how to get work as a pilot and what all the training involves.These brilliant learn to be a pilot packages will certainly show you there’s a lot more to being a pilot than just flying a plane!

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