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Learn to Play Polo Lincolnshire

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play polo but have never even held a mallet before these polo experiences in Lincolnshire are for you! We are offering a two-hour taster and a full day polo workshop to teach you all the basics of this most noble of sports on horseback.The first question beginners always ask about learning polo is if you have to be an accomplished horse rider. The answer is no as the the skills you need to develop to play polo are quite different to the traditional English style of horse riding so everyone from total beginners to those with riding experience are very welcome.Learning to play polo starts on the ground as you are shown the polo swing on foot. Once you’ve got the four essential types of shot sorted it’s time to learn the polo riding techniques. Time to meet your Argentinian polo pony who’ll be your trusty mount. As well as the fast and furious match ponies this polo school has calmer training ponies so you’ll be building confidence as you ride.The next stage of your polo lesson is to combine the two sessions. You’ll be on horseback doing some €˜stick and ball’ manoeuvres where you ride and hit the white polo ball. This all takes coordination and concentration but with the wise words of the professional instructor to teach and encourage you you can hope to be assertively striking the ball.For those on the two-hour taster your experience rounds off at this stage. Pupils on the full day course cover all the same skills in the morning and break for a convivial BBQ lunch (there are excellent facilities at this renowned Leadenham polo club including clubhouse and hot tub!). Refuelled and ready the afternoon session of the full day polo experience will be spent learning the rules of polo play. You’ll then head out to that perfectly levelled and maintained polo field to play your very first chukka (that’s a period of play in polo – see you’re even sounding like a polo player now!).

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